From Foster Care to CEO

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About From Foster Care to CEO

From Foster Care to CEO will be a collaborative book and serve as a resource for foster care youth and aged-out adults by sharing stories from successful CEO's who were formerly in foster care. 

Our goal is to encourage foster care youth and aged-out adults to follow their dreams and never give up, regardless of their current or past situation. 

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About the Publisher

Lisa Charlene Williams is the CEO and founder of the Smart Hustle Agency. Williams works with various media outlets to provide content and quotes from subject matter experts. Her specialty is to reposition her clients as subject matter experts in a niche within their industry.

Lisa Williams is a book publisher, radio show producer, and best-selling author.  Her mission is to help people stop working themselves to death! by implementing her #Smarthustle #Smartgrind system.  

Williams and her colleagues have helped over 400 professionals become best-selling authors. Williams personally has helped over 50 professionals become a published author and/or reach best-selling status.